The Risk of Investing in the Stock Market

15 October 2012

Investing today is a risky proposition.  Let’s look at investing your hard earned money in the stock market.  Is that safe?  Does it secure your retirement?  Real estate goes up and down, but nothing like the volatility of the stock market, and your 401(k).   In a 12 month period consisting of calendar year 2008, […]

Retirement Planning Totally Changing

12 October 2012

Your financial future no longer depends on traditional investment advice.  In fact, your financial freedom may depend on you taking a path less traveled.  Let me explain.  Traditional financial planning has adamantly told us for decades that we should work for the same corporation for 20 to 30 years, build a retirement nest egg in […]

Personal Development

12 October 2012

Personal goal setting is important, but the vast majority of seminars and books on this subject have the wrong focus. There’s plenty of good material on managing time, and one should manage time, but not in an all-consuming way. After reading most of the books on the subject and attending multiple seminars on the subject […]

Virtual Real Estate

12 October 2012

iRealty Virtual Brokers is a real estate brokerage like no other. Intentionally. iRealty was created with an entirely new approach to real estate brokerage. We designed our business model around our clients’ needs. Everything we do is based on our clients’ best interests. That includes everything about how we communicate and serve our clients from […]

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Financial Freedom

How to Own Your Future

Posted on 10 November 2012

The future is uncertain.  That we know.  But after Obama’s re-election, entrepreneurs around the country are reeling.  The uncertainty just went to the power of ten.  Business owners across the country know Obama’s theme song, which includes bigger government, more taxes, more business regulations, less freedom, and less opportunities for small business owners to thrive.  […]

Home Business Options

Home Business

What Kind of Home Business Do You Really Want?

Posted on 11 October 2012

Do you know what kind of home business you really want?  If I asked 100 people what their ideal home business would be, 90 would not know their options, the pros and cons of different kinds of businesses, and 70 could not make a list more than 10 types of businesses in under three minutes.  […]

Perfect Business

Perfect Business

What Does the Perfect Business Look Like?

Posted on 09 October 2012

What does the perfect business look like?  If you could design the perfect business for yourself, how would it look?  What product or service would you sell?  How would you promote it?  How would your business meet your needs, including your gifts and talents, and your life long passions?  How much money would you earn?  […]




Posted on 12 October 2012

What if Bill Gates had been a naysayer back in the 1970s before he started a little company he called Microsoft? He would have pooh poohed the idea that he could create a great company. He never would have come up with the vision statement, “A computer in every home.” When Bill Gates stepped down […]